Contact me if you need to discuss my gay massage details, also prices and service terms.

So contact me especially if you want to hire my massage services.


Please text +34 692 479 477

Since I am usually busy, send a message with a clear request or your questions. So I will answer as soon as I finish with my current service.

Make sure to mention my name “Fred”.

For example: “hi, Fred!”


Please send me an e-mail!

Voice calls?

Many guys complain that I can’t answer right away. The reason is as simple as I’m busy serving a massage.

You will absolutely understand this while you are enjoying my bodywork. I guess you wouldn’t like me to answer the calls during our session.

I confess I don’t like phone calls since I am very bad dealing on the phone. So please respect my preference and let’s write.

Last but not least, I’m not here for endless dealing or chatting. My service is a real flesh and blood one. So I don’t like virtual stuff.

Since massage is about meeting personally.

See you soon!

This is my first entry! Fred Gay Massage.